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✅ 10 Campañas

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✅ 50 Campañas

✅ 100 Notificaciones

✅ 25.000 impresiones / mes

✅ Personalizar notificaciones

✅ Marca Blanca

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✅ Campañas ilimitadas

✅ Notificaciones ilimitadas

✅ 100.000 impresiones / mes

✅ Personalizar notificaciones

✅ Marca Blanca

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question, you can write to us at and we will answer you as soon as possible 🙂

Yes, we can help you with the installation, create the notifications, triggers, call-to-actions and get your plan up and running. Ask us for a quote at

No, you can try GetConver’s Starter plan for free for 14 days and you only need to register🙂

You can also use the Free plan for life. Sign up and you can start using it.

Yes, each campaign you create can be associated to a website. In the free account you can have up to 3 different websites, in the starter plan 10, advanced 25 and unlimited growth.

Yes, when creating a notification you can choose where on the screen the message will appear (top right, bottom left, centre…). You can also choose the URL on your website where you want them to appear.

You can set them to be displayed all the time, only once per visit or only once per user who visits you. You can also choose how long they will be on screen. For example, you can choose for a notification to be displayed once per visit, take 10 seconds to appear, and then remain visible for 30 seconds.

Of course, you will have statistics segmented by campaigns and by notifications. Within each one you can see the impressions, number of mouse hovers, number of clicks and, if it is a notification to get e-mails or phone numbers, you can see the completed forms.

Statistics are stored for 14 days in the free plan and for 30 days in the paid plans.

With statistics you will be able to know what works best and make your decisions. Test, change and improve are the keys to achieving the highest possible conversion rate.

Yes, you can send them automatically via a webhook within each notification. Puedes enviar tus leads a Salesforce, Pipedrive, Acumbamail, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Yes, in any of the payment plans you can edit all notifications to have the look and feelof your brand. You can change the colours, the background of the notification, the shadows…

By default, notifications appear with the phrase “by getconver” underneath With White Label you can change this phrase to any phrase you prefer, add your own branding or simply remove it. You will be able to use this feature in any payment plan.

Write to us at and we will create one for you.

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