Technically GetConver works like this...

But, with creativity, you can boost it as far as you want.

1. You need an account. Register for free.


2. Create your first campaign

  1. Add the name of your campaign, e.g. the name of your website. Or the action to be taken; for example, “more subscribers for my newsletter”.
  2. Add your domain or subdomain. For example,
  3. Check the option to include subdomains if your website has “www” or any other subdomain.


3. Connect GetConver to your website

To connect GetConver and make it work on your website*, you need to install a pixel. It is a line of code that we give you ready to copy and paste into your site’s code, just before the line.

* GetConver works on any type of website (WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, own code…). If you need help installing it, write to


4. Create your notifications

Choose the notification that best suits your needs, you have 24 different models.

Once created, you will be able to choose:

  • when it should appear on your website (triggers),
  • how long it should remain visible and where on the screen (display),
  • the colour, the borders, the background… (design), and
  • if you want to send the collected data to an external source such as your personal e-mail or your e-mail marketing provider (data).


5. Convert visitors into leads, customers, subscribers…

You’re all set. If you have followed the steps correctly, your notifications will appear on your website immediately.

6. Analyse your statistics

You will be able to analyse the statistics of your campaigns and notifications individually.

We recommend that you keep adjusting the notifications to achieve better and better results. For example, change where it appears on the screen, change the colours, change the type of notification, etc.

We provide the tool, you make the magic.

The first step to increase your conversion starts here....