Terms and conditions of use

By using GetConver you agree to the terms of use set forth herein.


The present notice of GENERAL CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF USE of the website GETCONVER.COM regulate the access, navigation and use of the websites under the domain “GETCONVER.COM” (hereinafter, “website”), as well as the responsibilities derived from the use of its contents (understanding hereinafter as “Contents” the texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, as well as any other creation protected by the Spanish laws and the international treaties on intellectual and industrial property). Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

It is understood that the access or the mere use of the web site by the user implies the adhesion of the user to the General Conditions and Terms of Use that GETCONVER.COM has published at every moment in which the user accesses the web site and that will be available for the users. Consequently, the user must read these General Conditions and Terms of Use carefully. In this sense, “User” shall be understood as the person who accesses, surfs, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or onerous, developed in the GETCONVER.COM website.

Regardless of the same, GETCONVER.COM may establish particular conditions that regulate the use and/or contracting of specific services offered to the users through the web site.

The purpose of the website is the sale of written content focused on online marketing, facilitating the actions that are specific to them within the advertising and marketing market through the platform that is made available. The consideration for this authorization is the payment of a price by the “Client”, which is specified in the application of a service fee based on the characteristics of the requested content.

For the purposes of the present conditions of use, “Client” is understood as any natural or legal person who accesses and registers on the website as such, whose role is to seek the satisfaction of their written content marketing needs through the contracting of services offered by GETCONVER.COM.

Before using and/or contracting such specific services provided by GETCONVER.COM, the user shall carefully read the corresponding Particular Conditions created for such purpose by GETCONVER.COM. The use and/or contracting of such specific services implies the acceptance of the Particular Conditions that regulate them in the version published by GETCONVER.COM at the moment in which such use and/or contracting takes place.


The navigation on the GETCONVER.COM website is free and free of charge in its essential uses. This access may be restricted by the web operator at any time. It is reiterated that it is understood that the access or the mere use of the website by the user implies the adhesion of the user to the General Conditions and Terms of Use that GETCONVER.COM has published at every moment in which the user accesses the website and that will be available for the users.

In order to obtain the status of “Client”, it will be necessary to register as such on the “web site”.

Registration as a “Customer” on the website.

The registration as a Client is done free of charge by means of the registration form that GETCONVER.COM may include at any time called “REGISTRATION”. The Customer must provide a series of data to the website for the sole purpose of managing his registration request in the most efficient way. The effective registration of the user in the “Client” section implies the acceptance of the General Conditions and the Particular Conditions applicable to him/her. The data provided by the Client in his profile will be reviewed by the GETCONVER.COM team for the subsequent validation and compliance with the quality criteria of the website.


To obtain the status of CLIENT within the GETCONVER.COM system it will be necessary only the effective registration in the platform. GETCONVER.COM reserves the right to access to its Clients section after the verification of the data provided by the Client.

Once the Client’s account has been verified, the Client will be able to start using the platform by contracting a payment plan in GETCONVER. Until then, your status will be that of a user.


Once the subscription payment has been made, it will be credited to the Client’s account. The payment of the subscription will not be, under any circumstances, refundable and can only be used for the services offered at any time by GETCONVER.COM.

GETCONVER.COM cannot be held responsible for any errors in the wallet that are communicated more than 24 hours after the subscription has been entered. Otherwise the money will not be refunded and will be credited for the use of GETCONVER for the contracted period.

In any case, the management expenses or commissions that could exist due to the Client’s error in the deposit will be paid by the Client and could be discounted by GETCONVER.COM from the final amount to be reimbursed.

All expenses incurred on the platform are subject to the appropriate taxes that are included in the prices of the platform plans.


Finally GETCONVER.COM is obliged to the strictest confidentiality on the campaigns carried out, notifications created as well as the data of each client of the platform.


The present General Conditions and Terms of Use are granted under Spanish law. Any controversy regarding the same shall be resolved in accordance therewith and under Spanish jurisdiction. The courts of the city of Ciudad Real shall have jurisdiction over these General Conditions and Terms of Use, and the parties waive their right to any other jurisdiction.