Tips and practical examples to sell more in your online store

Increase your e-commerce sales easily with GetConver. We show you 7 easy examples to implement in your online store.

Define your value proposition

Why do customers buy in your store and not in others?

For example, free shipping attracts a lot of attention, and if it is within 24 hours, even better. But not only that, there are more value propositions that can make the difference: an ecological and environmentally sustainable product, stock clearance, discounts, 2 for 1 offers, telephone customer service, free installation… And, of course, they can be combined.

Are you clear about your value proposition?

Well, let’s show it to the buyer.

5 practical examples to sell more in your e-commerce

All these examples can be created with the GetConver tool in 2 minutes. Create your account here and try it free for 14 days.

#1. Informative messages

Creates a pop-up notification of type “Informational Message” in GetConver. It will stand out from the rest of your website and attract the attention of your potential customer.

What can you put in this message?

Messages that generate a sense of urgency:

  • Free shipping this week.
  • Buy today and receive it tomorrow at your home.
  • Last units available.
  • Everything at 15% discount for the next 2 hours.
Messages that generate empathy with your customer:
  • 100% biodegradable packaging.
  • Environmentally sustainable.
Vegan #CrueltyFree products.
  • Manufactured in Ciudad Real, Spain.
  • 5% of all purchases are donated to a charitable cause.
How to display and create this message? Log in to your GetConver account, create the campaign for your store, select the notification type “Information message”. information message for online stores Once selected, you can configure it to your liking. You can make it show up on the screen (top right, bottom left, center, etc.), display it when the user has been browsing the store for 20 seconds, and make it last on the screen for 20 seconds until it disappears by itself, for example. You can also edit the design and colors. An example of an “Informational Message” with GetConver would be this: example getconver

#2. Dynamic promotional coupon

Display a coupon in your online store. You can select to appear only on specific URLs; for example, if a customer has been looking at a product for a long time (more than 30 seconds), you can encourage them to complete their purchase by displaying a coupon for a limited time. getconver coupon

#3. Conversion counter

Displays the number of people who have purchased a product. Let your customers see that your store is working properly. You can also show how many people are viewing that product at a given time. conversion counter conversions

#4. Fixed information bar: ideal for segmenting by cities, provinces, countries…

If you have different pages created for each location, you can create informative messages for each of them. For example, if you sell office supplies in Madrid and you have a page focused only for this community, you can create a fixed information bar that jumps when the user scrolls 40% on that specific page. In this way, you will attract their attention, showing empathy and advantages that they did not expect so that they will be encouraged to buy. An example would be this one (you can change the icon to your liking): fixed bar for ecommerce

#5. Random testimonials

If you have testimonials from your customers, you can display them randomly in your online store. Add your client’s photo and rating: make sure it is positive and, above all, not fake. Put real testimonials from real people to achieve the desired effect. Important: take advantage of testimonials that show your strengths (value proposition). Example: testimony

2 extra examples to increase the sales of your online store

The great thing about GetConver is that it is so flexible that you can tailor any notification to a specific purpose. Currently you have 24 different types of notifications to increase your online store sales. With your imagination, you can turn them into hundreds of possibilities…

Extra #1: take advantage of ALL your website, even the LEGAL NOTICE

When a person looks at your legal notice, they do it for one reason: they want to trust you. They want to know who is behind the website, whether it is a person, a company… If there is no one identified in the legal notice – apart from the fact that it is illegal – the customer will most likely leave and not buy. Knowing why you do it, why not take advantage of it? You could display a “Link Group” type notification and provide them with your contact details and social networks. Make it easy for him to trust you. link group Or if you have a sales team, show them a “Lead catcher” and tell them that you can call them to solve their doubts: order sample phone

Extra #2: drive traffic from your blog to your e-commerce

Do you have a blog that receives hundreds of visits every month? How many of those visitors end up buying from your online store? It is normal that a very low percentage goes from the blog to the online store. But this can be changed by displaying the right notification at the right time. We recommend that you create a “Call to action” type notification that will be displayed when the user has been reading an article on your website for about 10 seconds. cta The more specific you are, the better. If the post talks about a product you have in stock, direct it to that specific item. Let’s see it with an example: If I have a post on my blog that talks about Star Wars and is visited by 300 people a month, and I have a product that is lightsabers in stock, I can create a CTA (call to action) to appear while they are reading the post: cta lightsaber You can also put a general message such as “Look / discover / visit… our online store and take advantage of the coupon BLOGX2 to get a 20% discount”. There are a thousand options and formulas, but this is the best way to turn your content marketing into sales.

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